Swaziland Lutindzi Grass Basket


Our Lutindzi Grass basket is made in the high rural mountains of Swaziland by women that have had the tradition and art of weaving passed on through generations.  Lutindzi grass is harvested without damaging the root, allowing the grass to quickly regrow making it a wonderful and abundant sustainable resource.  It is also very sturdy and has been used for centuries to make rope as well as baskets.  

The talented crafts-women making our Swaziland Lutindzi Basket are able to generate extra income for their families through Fair Trade and the promise of steady income for their craft.  This income is then used to send their children to school and provide food for the family.  This makes a huge difference in an area like Swaziland where 70% of the population live on about a dollar a day.

14" across 5" deep

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