Tagua Leaf Earrings Lilac


Our handmade Tagua Leaf Earrings are made from the dried and polished seed pod from the Tagua Palm Tree.  The sustainable Tagua Nut is commonly known as the "Vegetable Ivory" due to it's looks and feel.and it grows naturally in Rainforests in South America. 

Our Tagua Leaf Earrings are handmade in a Fair Trade workshop in Columbia and they come in a rainbow of colors.  These flat leaf earrings are super easy to wear and they add a fun pop of color to any outfit.

Purchasing Tagua Nut Jewelry not only preserves natural rainforest and discourages the harming of elephants for Ivory, it also helps to preserve a natural and economic way of life for many Colombians.

Tagua Nut

Handmade & Fair Trade

Length: 1.5"

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