Tagua Nut Necklace


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Our Tagua Nut Necklace will even please Mother Earth as it doesn't take from it, but adds to the delicate balance of nature. Handcrafted from organic shapes of sliced tagua nut, also known as “vegetable ivory,” tagua is produced by a palm-like tree in South America. The nuts fall to the ground when mature, thus harvesting does not damage the trees. Tagua nut’s grain is close and very hard, resembling the finest ivory.

Tagua Nut feels so good next to the skin you will find so many occasions to wear it!

At 20L inches long, this necklace can be doubled up or worn long as a one strand necklace.

Handcrafted by Fair Trade Artisans of Sapia, Colombia, helping to preserve cultural tradition and forest preservation using this renewable resource.

Made of hand dyed tagua nut & cotton. Fabulous with the matching earrings.

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