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Our Petite Singing Bowl is a harmonically balanced cultural instrument used to explore sound. Handmade in Nepal our Tibetan Singing Bowl, also known as "Himalayan Singing Bowl", is often used as a tool for meditation, the music is meant to soothe your soul, cleanse your heart and free your mind of worries.

To make the bowl sing, first tap it with the wooden Puja Stick and using steady pressure, run the stick slowly around the outside of the bowl in a circular motion always maintaining contact with the bowl’s surface and the Petite Singing Bowl will begin to resonate a beautiful calming tone.

The producers of our Petite Singing Bowl are employed by a Fair Trade organization that provides training and employment for socially disadvantaged artisans suffering from leprosy, polio or have other disabilities. This non-profit organization provides free medical treatment and provides handicraft skills that can lead to financially sustainable jobs.

Our Petite Singing Bowl is Handmade from Brass by Fair Trade artisans in Nepal and includes a finished Puja Wood Stick, Small Cotton Pillow and Handmade Paper Gift Bag.

3Dx3H inches

Note: Although this is a real cultural instrument and not a toy, at 3x3 inches it is perfectly sized for the small hands of a child and a great tool to explore sound.

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