Ugandan Red Spiral Basket


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Richly dyed Raffia is wrapped expertly around a core made of banana fiber in our Ugandan Spiral Basket.  Raffia has been used for centuries to make baskets, ropes, textiles and even in contraction and roofing.  In this case the gorgeous merlot hue that the Raffia has been dyed with makes a lovely contrasting backdrop to the cream raffia woven into the spiral pattern.  

Our Ugandan Red Spiral Basket is made by Ugandan Crafts based in Kampala, Uganda, a group whose goal is to improve and empower the most disadvantaged.  Many of the artisans of Ugandan Crafts are differenty abled, widowed, or HIV/AIDS affected. This worthy goal is brought to fruition by providing training, health benefits, emergency loans, transportation and education.

Measures 13" across 3" deep

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