Capiz Shell & Wood Serving Spoons


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Presentation is an important part of a memorable meal and our beautiful Capiz Shell and Wood Serving Spoons are sure to leave a lasting impression. When you need a special hostess gift these are a perfect complement to a meal.

A design that is inspired by the zen traditions of craftsmanship, simplicity, harmony and the use of natural materials, our Capiz Shell and Wood Serving Spoons are hand carved from sustainable Palm Wood with inlaid with Citrus Capiz Shell handles. Capiz Shell is a sustainable shellfish which are sometimes called windowpane oysters as they have a smooth translucent shiny interior.

Our beautiful Capiz Shell & Wood Serving Spoons are handmade by Balinese Artisans who are part of a Fair Trade organization that respects the local artisans' lifestyle, traditions and environment. The group also works with village communities, educating them in conservation, sustainable development and organic farming.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 14 x 1. Food safe, hand wash.

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