Zulu Imbenge Wire Basket - Thulile


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 Marrying the centuries old tradition of basket making and a necessary modern material; master weavers living in urban areas of South Africa create works of art like our Zulu Imbenge Wire Baskets.  These baskets are woven from salvaged scraps of telephone wire.  In the Thulile Imbenge wire basket (Thulile means “Tranquil” in Zulu), rich earth tones of ochre, blue, crimson, marigold, and dark brown are woven in a fluid spiral against cream and the stripped down copper of the wire.  Not only an amazing and one of a kind work of art but functional as well, these baskets are very sturdy and washable.

Our Zulu Imbenge Wire Basket - Thulile is truly an amazing example example of adapting traditional basket weaving techniques to a more contemporary style and modern material. By ensuring fair wages and sustainable income talented artisans can keep a craft passed on for generations alive while finding new and exciting sustainable resources to use. 

Measures 16" across 3.5" deep

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